American racer still the winner in Tour of Rwanda 2011

22 November 2011 at 16:01  

Tour of Rwanda 2011 this Monday 21 continued where the cycling competitors have been racing into two categories, where American Reijnen Kiel is showing much efforts winning the race and followed by Rwandan, Adrien Niyonshuti.

In the first category, racers set off from Kigali City in morning hours heading to Rwamagana in the Eastern part of the country and ended in front of the hotel called DEREVA in Rwamagana town; Reijnen who had won in the first round during the opening of the competition still won the race.

In the second phase, competitors started from where the first one ended in Rwamagana town in the afternoon and continued to the east up to another district of Kayonza and returned to Kigali City where the race stoped in front of NoBLEZA Hotel in kicukiro district with Reijne Kiel Type 1 SANOFI club still winning the game for the third time. Rwandan Niyonshuti won in the third position.

On the list of the competitors in the two categories, Niyonshuti was the second. Another Rwandan Habiyambere Nicodem is also among first 7 winners. Type 1 SANOFI club from the U.S are still the winners followed by MTN QHUBEKA from South Africa where a Rwandan Niyonshuti is based, Ethiopia comes with the third position followed by Rwandan Karisimbi Club in the fourth position and Akagera Club in the fifth.

Reijnen Kiel is the one holding the yellow T-shirt given to the first winner by the main sponsor of the event, ‘WESTERN Union’. Adrien Niyonshuti holds the white with red stripes T-shirt given to the well behaved racer given by MIJESPOC and a Rwandan holds blue T-shirt given by the telecom service provider Tigo. By now Type 1 SANOFI Clubs is still holding the caps as the winners given by COGEAR.

The first 10 lineup

1. REIJNEN Kiel (Type 1 SANOFI) 03h21’13’’

2. NIYONSHUTI Adrien (MTN QHUBEKA) 03h21’29’’ 16’’

3. GIRDLESTONE Dylan (MTN QHUBEKA) 03h21’35’’ 22’’

4. ABEBE Alem (Ethiopie) 03h21’37’’ 24’’

5. ROSSKOPF Joseph (Type 1 SANOFI) 03h21’42’’ 29’’

6. GIDAY Kbrom (Ethiopie) 03h21’49’’ 36’’

7. HABIYAMBERE Nicodem (Karisimbi) 03h21’52’’ 39’’

8. KINDEYA Msgena (Ethiopie) 03h21’55’’ 42’’

9. KOGO Benjamin (Kenya) 03h21’58’’ 45’’

10. HATEGEKA Gasore (Karisimbi) 03h22’00’’ 47’’