Before the final stage Reijnen Kiel managed to get back the yellow jersey

26 November 2011 at 16:29  

On Friday 25th November, Tour of Rwanda was on its sixth day. Cyclists left Huye heading to Karongi, the stage was 152 kilometers long and JAMES Tennent of South Africa was in the first row at the arrival.

In the second and third places were KINDEYA Msgena and REDAE Tedros, just behind them was REIJNEN Kiel of Type 1 SANOFI. BYUKUSENGE Nathan held the 7th place, RUHUMURIZA Abraham was 9th and NIYONSHUTI Adrien was 10th at the arrival.

Before the final stage, REIJNEN Kiel managed to get back the yellow jersey which he had lost to his teammate ROSSKOPF Joseph now holding the second place on competitors ranking. Team Karisimbi of Rwanda is in the first position followed by Team MTN QHUBEKA.

Competitors rankings before final stage

1 . REIJNEN Kiel 17h47’42’’

2 . ROSSKOPF Joseph 17h47’44’’

3 . GIRDLESTONE Dylan 17h48’12’’

4 . BYUKUSENGE Nathan 17h49’03’’

5 . RUHUMURIZA Abraham 17h49’57’’

6 . NIYONSHUTI Adrien 17h50’58’’

7 . CHENEVIER Aléxis 17h51’41’’

8 . RUDAHUNGA Emmanuel 17h52’01’’

9 . REDAE Tedros 17h52’01’’

10 . HATEGEKA Gasore 17h52’47’’

11 . HABIYAMBERE Nicodem 17h55’08’’