Eritreans making a mark in Tour of Rwanda

20 November 2012 at 21:45  

MERON Amanuel of Team UCI CONTINENTAL CENTER has won the second phase of the Tour of Rwanda clocking 1hr 16’ 07 in a 44 kilometer race to MUHANGA from KIGALI.

It was a rainy morning in the country, very cold but could not hinder anything in as far as the preparation of the Tour is concerned.
Sixty six riders have competed in the second phase as the tour gains momentum time after time, thousands of people on road signs cheered for their favorite riders as they passed by especially the Rwandans.

The second phase of the competition was concluded and they followed in this way:

1. MERON Amanuel of team UCI CONTINENTAL CENTER won the second phase of the tour and was awarded the EWSA red jersey.

2. ROY Remi of TEAM CUEBECOR GARNEAU is the overall leader of the tour has been awarded with the YELLOW JERSEY by MINISPOC.

3. MARRE David of TEAM SA has been awarded with a WHITE COGEAR JERSEY for the best CLIMBER of the second phase of Tour of Rwanda

4. ROY Remi from team CUEBECOR GARNEAU of CANADA has been awarded with the BEST YOUTH with A WHITE RWANDA NATIONAL LOTTERY jersey

5. The best AFRICAN Rider has been awarded to SHAUN WARD of team SA with a western union jersey.

6.The best RWANDAN RIDER so far in the second phase is ADRIEN NIYONSHUTI and was given a western union white jersey.

7.NATIONAL TEAM SA was the BEST team after the second ohase of the tour, were awarded with the COGEAR jersey.

The best Rwandan rider in the second phase of the Tour was HABIYAMBERE Nicodem who was 15th and clocked 1hr 16’ 47.

The riders camped in KABGAYI waiting for the race towards HUYE which is estimated to be 77km. All teams are ok and so far, the Eritreans are showing a little difference from the others, the SOUTH AFRICANS are showing maturity in this tour not forgetting Canadians who are near there and could surprise us as the tour continues to go on.

The race to HUYE is setting off at 14h30 local time.

Temporary general standing of the race after the second phase:

1. PELLETIER ROY Remi 05h05’37’’
2. WARD Shaun 05h05’57’’
3. LILL DAREN 05h06’00’’ 23’’
4. MERON Amanuel 05h06’03’’
5. GIRDLESTONE Dylan 05h06’04’’
6. MERHAWI Kudus 05h06’08’’
7. ABEBE Alem 05h06’10’’ 33’’
8. NJOROGE MUYA John 05h06’12’’
9. HABTE Solomon 05h06’12’’
10. KAHSAY Afewerki 05h06’13’’
11. NIYONSHUTI Adrien 05h06’28’’