Fourth Tour of Rwanda officially starts

18 November 2012 at 21:32  

Hon Prime minister Pierre Damien Habumuremyi officially starts the one week Tour of Rwanda.

Ten teams participated in the fourth Tour of Rwanda edition. It’s for the first time the Canadian side Team CUEBECOR GARNEAU has participated in this Tour.

PELLETIER ROY Remi has won the KIGALI – KIGALI phase

The Tour of Rwanda was officially started by the Hon Prime Minister of Rwanda Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI at Amahoro national stadium with other officials including the Minister of sports and culture Hon MITARI Protais, the resident of the Rwanda national Olympic committee Dr. RUDAKUBANA Charles, the president of the Rwandan cycling federation Mr. BAYINGANA Aimable.

Ten teams officially started the tour and in the Sunday’s phase, Kigali – Kigali was raced in a period of 04’ 03’ 25 and PELLETIER ROY Remi of Team CUEBECOR GARNEAU won it.

The Canadian team started off well and it’s their first time they have come to participate in the Tour of Rwanda.

The first day of the tour was followed by a large number of the cycling fans all around Kigali even though the rains were pouring in a nonstop fashion.

The media houses be it local or international were present at the event and covered the whole scenario.

The five riders by order of time are:

1. PELLETIER ROY of Team CUEBECOR GARNEAU ( 04’ 03’ 25 ) - Canada
2.LANGLOIS of Team CUEBECOR GARNEAU (04’ 08’ 82) - Canada
3.NIYONSHUTI of Team RWANDA KARISIMBI (04’ 09’ 26) – Rwanda
4.WARD Shaun of team NATIONAL TEAM OF SOUTH AFRICA (04’ 12’ 81)
5.SHMIDT Alexey of Team TYPE 1 – SANOFI (04’ 13’ 81)

The Rwandan riders who are participating in this tour and their results:

21. Hadi Janvier
30. Rudahunga Emmanuel
31. Habiyambere Nicodem

It was its first day; the Tour of Rwanda is set to go east of the country in Nyagatare where a distance of 149 kilometers will be raced starting on Monday 19th November 2012.