More surprises in Tour of Rwanda 2012

21 November 2012 at 15:00  

The fourth phase of the Tour of Rwanda saw riders race from Huye to Karongi in a 152km race which was defined by lots of surprises from start till the end.

A group of riders had a simple accident in Save town near Huye, luckily no one was injured that serious except a Gabonese rider.

LANGLOIS Bruno of Team Quebecor Garneau of Canada was the winner of the fourth phase clocking 04h15’06’’ and a difference of 40seconds separated him with the rest of the riders who followed later.

This tour is becoming or is packed with a lot of surprises as no one has won it twice, every time a new winner emerges from a different team, in all names no one new or expected that Bruno will win this, the likes of Roy Remi, MERHAWI Kudus and LILL DAREN were favorites for this phase, and here came Bruno.

The question in peoples mind now is, who will win the fifth phase of the tour and also who will win the Tour in general?

The Rwandese contigent are far behind except Adrien Niyonshuti who is near the leaders in the General standings.

How will they perform this time, what will the Rwandan riders learn from this? It’s all there fo everyone to see.

The fifth phase will begin from Muhanga to Musanze in a 126km journey.